DC Power Supply – Custom Designed.


Approximately 30% of product we manufacture / sell, is either a modified unit from one of our standard products, or one that is totally designed to customer's specifications. Either way, Amtex Electronics is a supplier that can manufacture customised AC/DC Power Supplies, DC/DC Converters, Battery Chargers, DC/AC Inverters and many power electronics products.        15/12/2015

Just give us a call to discuss your application and project needs.


Fig 1.

 DC/DC Converter -2U x 19in Rack Mount

This 19in Rack mounting dc/dc converter was designed for a specific customer application.

Input 24vdc Output: 48vdc 1.5KW with:

LCD Voltage and Ammeters

Output Distribution Circuit breakers

Simialr units can be made to various power levels

Fig 2

 Battery Charger

This wall mounting cabinet, was designed to house a special battery charger for a mining application. The charger was designed for 300VAC input and no fans.

The cabinet measure 500 x 350 x 180mm deep and can also accomodate a battery. This wall mounting cabinet can also be used to house a wide range of our DC products and will come fully assembled.

Fig 3

K2193-19in Rack Mount  650W AC/DC Power Supply

AC/DC 650W power supply. Provides a number of outputs via special Lemo connectors on rear panel. A number of LED'S on the front panelprovide visual indication of all outputs,  together with special DC filtering.

Fig 4

K2098- 19in Rack Mount Battery Charger

This special battery charger was designed for use in remote ares in the Pacific powering special scientific instruments.

Input is 36-75VDC and output 13.8vdc 50W charging a battery for stand-by power. A number of digital meters provide user with critical information and all connections are on special MIL-SPEC connectors.


Fig 5

Modular DC/DC Converter

19in Rack mount modular DC / DC Converter system designed to provide 24 / 48VDC @ 500W n+1 redundancy or 1000W total power, with Hot-Swap capability. V & A meters and a number of circuit breakers are provided for distribution of the 48V output.

battery charger - CX wall mount
Fig 6

Wall mount Battery Chargers

Just one example of a wall mounted battery charger that is used for Stand-by applications, housing the charger and batteries.

These are basically biuild to order and to customer specifications with output power from 200 - 2000W.

Fig 7

K2900- 19in 650W AC/DC Power Supply

This power supply assembly makes use of  three standard power supplies, housed into a 3U x 19in Rack assembly to provide various outputs on special customer nominated output connectors

ruggedised HBC319 ac/dc power supply
Fig 8

HBC319 AC/ DC Power Supply

Special power supply assembly using our standard HBC319 500W unit that is housed in a special ruggedized case with handles for use in mobile applications. It's completely sealed  and output is via a MIL-SPEC connector to provide 24VDC @ 380W.

Fig 9

K3221 AC/DC &  DC/DC Rack Mount Power Supplies

Designed to customer specifications for the mining industry, this comprises of three seperate 3U x 19in Rack power supplies.

The AC/DC unit priovides  24V 35A for battery charging.

The DC/DC unit provides 24/48V 500 watts and , together with a Remote Monitoring unit.

battery charger power supply
Fig 10

1.5KW Power Supply

This assembly makes use of a standard 24V 1.5KW power supply enclosed with meters and circuit breakers to be used in battery charging application.

dc/dc converter for rail applications
Fig 11

DC/DC Converter for Rail applications.

One of our standard DCWR series converters with a customer specified output connector. This is a Phoenix spade connector with corresponding mating connector.

Fig A

Wall Mounting Enclosures-BCW Series

Our two purpose build wall mounting enclosures, allows us to install and assemble a range of our power supplies and dc/dc convreters, as a  free standing assembly. Fully wired and able to hold a range of battery sizes, provides total flexibility in what we can offer in short delivery.

The larger enclosure measures 500 x 350 x 180mm ( H*W*D ) and the smaller measures 360  x 248 x 166mm.

Fig B

AC/DC Power Supply: K2463

This special power supply, consists of two 24V 650 watt power supplies, assembled in one  2U x 19in Rack, with ten special output connectors.

Each connector / output is protected by a 15A Circuit Breaker.

dc/dc converter with n+1 redundancy
Fig C

DC/DC Converter for n+1 Redundancy

DC/DC converter solution provides two 500W converters in parallel to provide 500W Redundancy or 1KW output power, with alarms.

modular power supply assembly
Fig D

N9060 Modular AC/ DC Power Supply

Special power supply assembly using our modular Xgen series power supplies to provide a total solution with emc filters and special output dc connectors.

battery charger - N5800
Fig E

N5801 - Battery Charger

A dual 12V and 24V Smart Battery Charger, designed for the NSW Rural Fire Services

high power power supply
Fig F

N6412 - High Power Power Supply

Special power supply assembly combines two high power 48V 5KW power lsupplies, all in a 3U x 19 in rack assembly with LED’S and various alarms.

redundant power supply N9974
Fig G

1.5KW Portable Battery Charger / Power Supply

This is a 120vdc portable battery charger / power supply.

Suitable for use in various applications to test or top up batteries and housed in a rugged case to protect the battery charger during transport.

Can be custom designed for a variaty of output voltages and other features

Din Rail dc/dc converter
Fig H

DCW100R DC/DC Converter

A Din Rail mounting dc/dc converter designed to provide 100W at 65°C temperature.

Provides 72 / 24vdc.

500W power module
Fig I

AC/DC 500W Power Module

This assembly makes use of our PFE500 power module, assembled onto a PCB, ready for customer installation into sealed enclosures, providing 85-264vac to 28vdc 500W

IP67 power supply
Fig J

IP67 Power Supplies

Over the years, we've manufactured a range of IP67 Power Supplies to customer specifications. We can design and manufacture AC/DC or DC/DC units from 30 - 700 watts in IP67 rated case / assembly.